Fifty years of Pottery club

One of the beautiful teapots created over the years.

The Warwick Pottery Association is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary with a major exhibition at the Warwick Art Gallery opening on 10 May at 6pm.

The official opening will be conducted by Dianne Peach, a renown potter and one of the earlier tutors for the association when it first formed in 1974.

Current president Sue Creed said Dianne had been a constant supported of

not only the Warwick Potters’, but pottery in general.

Sue said for 50 years, the Warwick Pottery Association has brought together individuals who share a passion for clay and craftmanship.

“It has provided a nurturing environment where beginners and experienced potters alike can learn, grow and inspire one another,” she said.

“With tutor’s workshops, classes and collaborative projects, members have honed their skills and expanded their artistic horizons.”

She said the club’s 50th anniversary was a testament to the dedication and tenacity of it’s members.

“From 1974, when the first Raku workshop was conducted by Betty Crombie, interests were ignited,” Sue said.

“Through challenges and triumphs, the club has persevered, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Today the club has become a place where friendships are forged and connections are made.

“Throughout its history, the pottery club has not only been a creative outlet but also an advocate for the arts.

“In the beginning, members understood that tutors who could proved knowledge and expertise were needed, so the club could thrive.

“An energised focus on teaching and learning has provided members with the skills and knowledge to actively participate in local exhibitions, showcasing their talent and promoting the beauty of pottery.”

She said the exhibition showcases the incredible talent of tutors who have shared their knowledge and skills over the years.

Also included are current members works which are a testament to their ongoing dedication to clay, friendship and artistic expression.

“As we celebrate this milestone, let us recognise the invaluable contributions of the founders, tutors and past and present members who have dedicated their time and energy to the pottery club,” Sue said.

“Their collective efforts have shaped the club into what it is today – a thriving community of passionate individuals united by their love for pottery.”

The exhibition will run from 9 May to 8 June at Warwick Art Gallery.