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Welcome to the Southern Downs and Granite Belt regions’ leading community newspaper!

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The Southern Downs Region has seen growth and investment in horticulture, agriculture, commerce, manufacturing and tourism. These industries are already flourishing, and the Southern Down’s quality infrastructure means there is ample room for new developments.

Based around the main centres of Warwick and Stanthorpe, there are over 16,000 residents currently in the workforce. These residents worked in the estimated 3700 business within the region.

The majority of Southern Downs businesses are classified as small to medium enterprises and cover a wide range of industry types. Almost 50% of businesses are involved in primary production, followed by construction (10%), retail (9%) and property and business services (8.7%).

The region’s population has increased over the past 5 years at an annual average rate of 1.4%.  Population increase has been brought about partly by the “tree change” phenomenon, and partly by the affordability of high quality housing – currently averaging 40% less than Brisbane prices.

The Southern Downs and Granite Belt also have a unique sense of community – captured by the region’s leading community newspapers, Warwick Today & Stanthorpe Today

Warwick Today & Stanthorpe Today paid circulation encompasses both the Warwick and Stanthorpe region throughout the Southern Downs and Granite Belt.

Areas include Warwick, Stanthorpe, Tenterfield, Wallangarra, Dalveen, Killarney, Allora, Texas and Inglewood,  with copies able to be purchased from news agencies, corner stores, motels, servos and other businesses.

Warwick Today & Stanthorpe Today are a great read, with coverage of community news, sport, local opinion, local jobs, trades and services, real estate, local entertainment and even a crossword and Sudoku.

Staffed and managed  day to day by locals Warwick Today & Stanthorpe Today are part of  Star News Group, an Australian family owned publishing company with over 100 years’ experience – connecting people and communities.