Heat your home with MWF


Imagine basking in the cosy ambience of a crackling fire during the winter season or relishing the instant comfort provided by gas heating.

In the heart of Stanthorpe, there exists a renowned establishment called MWF Plumbing, dedicated to fulfilling your desires for winter warmth.

Whether you seek a complete system installation or a simple upgrade, this family owned enterprise has been catering to the needs of our community for over five decades.

Their extensive experience, both locally and professionally, ensures that every endeavour is executed with the utmost knowledge and expertise.

Situated within their expansive and contemporary showroom, MWF Plumbing stands ready to assist. Step inside and behold a vast array of styles and products, including cutting edge wood heaters that harmonise effortlessly with any home decor.

Moreover, the showroom showcases two burning wood heaters, allowing customers to experience the comforting radiance first hand.

For a sneak preview of the store, do a Google search for MWF Plumbing, click on a captivating image, and scroll down until you encounter pictures marked with circular arrows. Then use the interactive tour to explore the showroom’s splendour from the comfort of your own home.

MWF stocks the most trusted brands in heating, such as Kent, Saxon, Clean Air, Scandia, Maxiheat and the Australian made Eureka. This extensive selection ensures that you will find the perfect heater to suit your preferences. What’s more, when you make a purchase from MWF, their skilled team can handle the installation of both gas and wood heaters, effectively making them a convenient one-stop-shop.

No longer will you need to traverse the town in search of the ideal heating solution – the answer lies within their capable hands. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the entire range of winter warmers at MWF, conveniently located at 64 Maryland Street, Stanthorpe.

For further inquiries, reach out to them via email at admin@mwfplumbing.com.au, or stay updated on their latest offerings by following them on Facebook. Embrace the winter with open arms and experience the joy of unyielding warmth courtesy of MWF.