Who is running in 2024?

Cr Jo McNally.

By Lucy Waldron

As the 2024 Southern Downs Regional Council election approaches, speculation is mounting about who will run for re-election or step up to the plate.

In an effort to clarify their plans, Warwick Today and Stanthorpe Today reached out to all current councillors and those rumoured to be considering a run.

Many were tight-lipped about their intentions, while others took the opportunity to clear their name from any rumours surrounding their candidacy.

The current Southern Downs Mayor, Vic Pennisi, stated that he is not disclosing his future position at this point in time, and will make his position clear when the appropriate time arrives. His says his main focus now is on delivering outcomes for this term.

Current Deputy Mayor Ross Bartley also indicated that he would make his decision regarding running for re-election when nominations for the 2024 local government elections are announced.

Andrew Gale said that he has yet to decide about contesting the election, as it requires a large commitment. He needs to consult with his family members, particularly his wife, who is also his business partner. However, he has thoroughly enjoyed this term of council and is proud of the things he has achieved both individually and as a council.

Marco Gliori believes that it would be unfair to answer any questions regarding the 2024 election at this early stage, as it would provide current councillors with a distinct advantage over other candidates.

Cynthia McDonald, on the other hand, said if she did run in the 2024 elections it would be to represent her constituents in the most independent manner possible, to the best of her ability as she has demonstrated over the last four years. with her intentions behind water security, reduced crime, the housing crisis and more.

She said she had always brought an independent approach to council, allowing consideration of all special cases that may vary from current regulations such as the planning scheme. She said she had demonstrated on many occasions with strength and determination her ability to fight for the community and would continue to do so.

Stephen Tancred said he is yet to decide, however, he was really enjoying being a councillor and it was pretty busy at present with a lot of positive things going on in the region. He will wait for some clear air and will discuss options with his family over the Christmas break.

Sheryl Windle is yet to decide where she will be running again in the 2024.

Jo McNally will not be contesting the election in 2024.

Cameron Gow did not provide a response.

As for those rumoured to be running for a seat in the council, Nathan Baronio, Angus Ferrier, Rick Humphries, Debbie Wilmot, and Graham Parker have all stated that they will not be running for council.

Glyn Rees is still deciding whether he will throw his hat in, while Daryl Evans said it was too early to make an announcement either way.

Rod Kelly won’t be running but recommends that anyone considering nominating for the next council election do so, as it was a rewarding opportunity to represent their community and region of Southern Downs.