President’s Message

The Killarney Show and Rodeo Society Committee.

You’re all invited to the 111th Killarney Show. Here we are again celebrating our community, our traditions, our friendships and enjoying some friendly competition. The Show is also a great time to welcome visitors to our community.

All the background work started well before Christmas, volunteers and stewards preparing programs and grounds.

Our show is part of a tradition of hundreds of agricultural shows across Australia, part of Australia’s past, present and future, and

continuing to be at the heart of local, regional communities. The Killarney Show Grounds is a community-owned capital asset managed by a not-for-profit community committee, so the show is really YOUR show. The myriad of events held at the showgrounds help fund the upkeep of your showgrounds and brings people to our town. Our annual events are, Waddle, Saddle and Pedal, Endurance Ride, Campdraft, Bonfire Night, Rodeo, caravan groups staying, variety clubs, cutting horse, horse clinics and shows, barrel racing and pony club events. On that note I must say a huge and heart-felt thank you to the many volunteers who keep this Show on the road each year and are particularly in recent years, contributing massively to positive upgrades and positive futures. A big thank you to all those individuals giving of their time and expertise in this wonderful era of new developments for the Killarney Show & Rodeo Society. I would also like to say a big thank you to all of the local businesses from Killarney to Warwick and wider area who are again this year contributing to a successful annual show. Welcome! It is great to have you with us! We have been very successful with obtaining grants. Thanks to the Queensland Government, the Australian Government, the Southern Downs Regional Council and FRRR for making these grants available. In this, our 111th year, the Killarney Show & Rodeo Society continues driving positive economic, social and cultural ripples and we look forward to taking this tradition into an exciting future. Looking forward to seeing you at the Show.

Please show support to all our great sponsors, without their generous support we will not be able to present all the great events we hold at the showgrounds throughout the year.

Your President,

Jan Hamilton.