Calling the prime cattle

Jack Griffiths, among other awards took out the Champion Beast.

By Lucy Waldron

The resonant sounds of hoofs and huffs marked the commencement of the annual Killarney Show on Friday 23 February, as the Prime Cattle judging and sale kicked off the festivities.

Farmers and producers from far and wide converged to present their finest livestock, aiming for both accolades and lucrative sales.

Killarney Show and Rodeo Society President Jan Hamilton welcomed all the new exhibitors along with the old before the award ceremony got underway.

Even for those unfamiliar with the nuances of cattle farming, it was evident that the McMahon family had mastered their craft, dominating the awards with their exceptional livestock.

However, Jack Griffiths was the one to snag the Champion Beast award and the McMahon family picked up Reserve Champion Beast.

Reflecting on the event, Pat McMahon expressed gratitude for the impressive turnout of cattle and extended thanks to all involved in organising the show.

“There are some very good cattle here, so thank you to everyone who has put in a tremendous effort to put this show on,“ Pat said.

Once everyone was awarded for their winning cattle, the conversation switched from casual to competitive as everyone listened closely to the fast calls of the auctioneers.

The success of the Prime Cattle set the Killarney show up for a great two days of events and entertainment.