Lyons claims monthly medal

The Warwick Women’s golf Pennants team gained maximum points with a clean sweep from left, Narelle Norris, Roslyn Darton, Melanie McLennan and Jill Barnes. Absent Anne Lyons.

Anne Lyons has taken out the division one Warwick Women’s Golf Club Warwick RSL Mid-week monthly medal competition for June.

Lyons scored of 68 nett to win the top title just ahead of Jill Barnes with 69 nett. Margaret Adcock secured the division one putting, with 31, on a countback from Jo McAntee, and Narelle Norris.

Di Johnston took division two, with 70 nett, just ahead of Trish Bell with 72 nett, on a countback from Wendy Rhea. The putting for division two was taken out by Donna Keogh with only 27.

The Best front nine was won by Helen Olsen. The pro pin was won by Melanie McLennan and shared with Di Johnston, Yvonne PInington, and Judy Lester. Approaches were won by Jo McAntee, Narelle Norris, Ann Tomkins, Donna Keogh and Di Johnston. The Handicapper had a field day with this one, as over half the field reduced their handicaps.

Friday saw the Adam Falconer pennants team travel to City Golf club Toowoomba to compete for some well valued points.

Congratulations to the team of Melanie McLennan, Narelle Norris, Jill Barnes, Anne Lyons, and Roslyn Darton, who secured five wins from five, giving the club five valuable points.

On Saturday Jo McAntee won the Danny Lyons Sports Store Red marker single stableford.

McAntee scored 44 points, equating to 74 gross. Runner-up was Roslyn Darton, on a countback from Trish Bell both with 40 points. Bell won the pro pin, and shared it with McAntee, Liz Cockram, and Di Mac.

The shootout board will be updated on Wednesday with all golfers keen to know who is front runner and the top 19 as of the middle of the calendar year.

Warwick Sporters Golf

Despite a beautiful winters day for last week’s Single Stroke event the golfing officials (handicappers) are sure to be paying Geordie Russell a visit after he posted a very impressive nett 58 to take the winners prize.Coming in with a nett 65, what on any other day would have been a winning score, Sean Haynes had to settle for second spot.

The run down winners were Wayne Watt 68, Trevor King and Laurie King 69, Charlie Morrison 70, and rounding things out on a nett 71 were Garry Adcock, Ron Simon, Don Stewart and Steve Clare.

The Pro Pin 13th Order of Merit was Eddie “Big Cods“ Kemp, Cody Haynes and Wayne Watt.

Nearest the pins 5th Don Stewart, 7th John Irwin, 9th Mike Hoskins, 11th Wayne Wells and 16th Jesse Ollerton.