Must own Mustang

Meet Mustang!

Introducing Mustang, an adorable Staffy x Border Collie born on September 27, 2023, as part of the Car litter.

Despite not being born under our roof, Mustang and his littermates have received all the nurturing and attention anyone could hope for. Under our watchful eyes, these pups are blossoming into happy, playful, and well-rounded companions.

Mustang, in particular, is thriving, as evident from the delightful photos capturing his inquisitive, affectionate, and contented nature. Hitting all his developmental milestones, Mustang has proven to be a delight in every way. Alongside his siblings, he is well-socialized and accustomed to the company of humans of all ages.

Projected to grow into a medium-sized dog, Mustang, owing to his breeding, will need ample opportunities for enrichment and space to play. A secure fence is a prerequisite, and having a companion around for most of the day would be highly beneficial.

If you find yourself captivated by this lovely pup and believe you can provide him with a suitable, safe, and loving forever home, complete the online adoption application at Southern Downs Ark.

Mustang is currently undergoing vaccinations and is microchipped, flea, and worm-treated. A deferred desexing bond of $200 will be required at the point of adoption, to be reimbursed upon proof of desexing when age-appropriate.

His adoption fee is $750, and he is ready and waiting for his forever home. Act now to make this playful and affectionate pup a cherished part of your family.