Puppy love seeking a loving home

Rumi is ready for you!

The delightful Neo Mastiff cross puppy named Rumi is capturing hearts and seeking a forever home.

Born on 9 October 2023, as part of a litter of sixteen, Rumi embodies sweetness and gentleness, making him the perfect addition to a loving family.

Rumi’s super-mum, Bella, has a warm, calm, and affectionate personality, creating an ideal environment for the puppy’s growth and development.

Raised in the hands of Southern Downs Ark, Rumi has flourished into a super little youngster with a penchant for love, playtime, and snuggles on the couch.

The charming pup is described as contented, enjoying pats, cuddles, and human company. Although he is gradually learning his puppy manners, Rumi will require ongoing training once adopted to ensure he becomes the best companion possible.

Rumi has effortlessly bonded with his foster siblings, showcasing his friendly and adaptable nature. While he has a hearty appetite, his interactions with cats remain untested. Southern Downs Ark believes that Rumi’s affectionate and potential-filled personality makes him an ideal choice for anyone seeking a devoted young dog.

Prospective adopters are encouraged to complete the online application form at Southern Downs Ark’s website and include photos of their yard and fencing. Preference will be given to homes with another dog and where someone is around most of the time. Given Rumi’s large and active breed, a household offering plenty of exercise and enrichment opportunities is preferable.

Rumi has already received his first round of vaccinations and is microchipped. A deferred desexing contract will be arranged at the point of adoption, with an adoption fee of $650.

While currently residing in Warwick, Rumi is open to interstate adoption, providing an opportunity for families beyond Queensland to welcome this lovable pup into their homes.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of companionship with Rumi, visit the Southern Downs Ark website and fill out the adoption form at southerndownsark.com.au/apply-to-adopt/