Time to pounce

Calculated and concentrated were Susan Goddard, Len Don, John Rose and Nea McGinness. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Dealer: E Vul: N/S


♠ J4

♥ KQJ9

♦ Q7632

♣ 103


♠ A62 ♠ Q53

♥ A1052 ♥ 43

♦ KJ10 ♦ 985

♣ AK4 ♣ QJ985


♠ K10987

♥ 876

♦ A2

♣ 762

Last Monday Len Don scored his first win since graduating from the learners’ group at the Warwick Bridge Club. Follow in Len’s footsteps by contacting Neil on 0408 361 482 to find out about learning to play bridge – or drop into the clubhouse in Victoria Park on any Wednesday to see the game being played.

On Board 2 (above) from last Monday Len (West) was the only player to make the contract of 3NT. He received the lead of the King of Hearts. When dummy (East) appears, declarer can see five club tricks, two other Aces and a possible diamond winner. This leaves declarer one short of the nine tricks needed. Rushing up with the Ace of hearts won’t help to find that extra trick. When in due course South wins with the Ace of diamonds, South will continue with a heart. This will allow North to win three heart tricks. Declarer must be patient in the hope that North continues to lead hearts. The time to pounce is when the Jack appears. Not only with the Ace win the trick, but also the ten will be promoted for the ninth trick. Moreover, South will no longer have a heart to lead to partner. If that doesn’t happen, declarer will hope for a spade lead from South, which will be run around to the Queen. The killing lead by North happens to be the Jack of spades. It is possible that all four honour cards in spades would be played in the first round, leaving South with four winning spades.

Last Saturday a contingent of Warwick players travelled to Stanthorpe to contest the Border Pairs, which is open to members of the Warwick, Stanthorpe, Tenterfield and Goondiwindi clubs. First were Neil Bonnell and Tony Hinde (Warwick), second Pat Kelly and John Nankervis (Warwick) and third Paula Lennon and Mike Rival (Goondiwindi).

Results: Monday, O4/03/24 (6 & ½-table Mitchell): N/S J. Nankervis P. Kelly (66.4) 1; N. Collins M. Simpson (62.1) 2; R. Hart H. Price (61.8) 3. E/W L. Don T. Hinde (55.8) 1; J. Rose D. Moran (53.3) 2; J. Smith N. McGinness (50.) 3. Friday, 08/03/24 (5-table Mitchell): N/S N. Bonnell B. Bonnell (62.1) 1; B. Reid M. Simpson (50.0) 2. Handicap N/S G. Schmidt I. House 1. E/W R. Hart J. Smith (58.2) 1; W. Milne J. Sipple (51.7) 2.