Bridge lessons for youth

Peter Campbell, John Nankervis, Tony Hinde and Pat Kelly enjoy thier game. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Dealer: N Vul: E/W


♠ AKJ104

♥ A1053

♦ A8

♣ K9


♠ 965 ♠ 3

♥ J84 ♥ 762

♦ J1043 ♦ K76

♣ A72 ♣ QJ10853


♠ Q972

♥ KQ9

♦ Q952

♣ 64


Paul Marston, one of the top teachers of bridge in Australia is offering 14-24 year olds the chance to learn how to play bridge. These free lessons online commence on 1St May this year. There will be two session per week for four weeks. By then you will be able to solve any problems lurking in the hand above. Register before 25/04/24 at:

The scores on Board 25 (above) from last Monday should have been the same at every table: 4S by North making eleven tricks for 450 points. North’s only losers should have been the Ace of clubs and the King of diamonds. At all but one table East led the Queen of clubs (denies possession of the King). In one instance it appears that West played low. Refusing to take this trick was to prove costly. Declarer won with the King then played three rounds of trumps before testing the hearts. When the hearts split evenly South’s remaining club could be discarded on North’s fourth heart. Declarer could then trump the nine of clubs with dummy’s last spade and return to North’s hand with the Ace of diamonds. Finally, East could win a trick with the King of diamonds.

At another table the misplay of a card by North allowed the defenders to win three tricks. The result on the scoreboard was that the pairs who fulfilled the par contract received the expected score of 50 per cent. Had there been just one score above them they would have scored less than 50 per cent. Congratulations to Tony Hinde and Judy Mobbs, who both scored two wins out of two for the week.

Results: Monday, 08/04/24 (5-table Mitchell): N/S J. Mobbs S. Goddard (62.5) 1; N. Collins D. Moran (59.2) 2. E/W P. Campbell T. Hinde (56.2) 1; R. Hart N. McGinness (55.8) 2. Friday, 12/04/24 (4-table Howell): T. Hinde J. Mobbs (66.1) 1; N. Bonnell B. Bonnell (58.3) 2.