Celebrating urban photography

Jan's View Under the Bridge earned the Honour award, impressing the judge.

The Allora Photography Club celebrated outstanding talent and creativity during their April competition, “Urban Landscape,“ at its regular club night on 8 May.

Accredited judge, Graham Harris, awarded the club’s highest accolades upon members whose images captured the essence of urban environments with finesse and ingenuity.

Jan’s photo, View Under the Bridge, earned the Honour award, impressing Judge Harris with its monochrome treatment and unique perspective. Jan ventured beneath Brisbane’s Riverside Expressway to capture the snaking lines and repeating columns, offering a fresh interpretation of a familiar scene.

Trevor’s entry, Afternoon Drinks, also received the Honour award for its captivating portrayal of golden sunset light illuminating the main street of Barcaldine. The scene, featuring a semi-truck and a local hotel, evoked a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

Sally’s unconventional view of The Opera House earned her a Highly Commended recognition. From an unusual vantage point, Sally captured the iconic landmark, imagining the possibility of watching a show from the deck of a passing cruise ship.

Victor’s snapshot of busy Palmerin Street, showcasing the town hall and surrounding trees, received a Highly Commended award for its vibrant depiction of everyday life in the heart of town.

The Allora Photography Club is gearing up for their next meeting on Wednesday, 12 June, at 7pm, located at the corner of Forde and Warwick Streets in Allora. The meeting, open to all interested individuals, promises to be a workshop/fun night filled with a variety of activities.

Weather permitting, attendees will have the opportunity to experiment with star trails and light painting techniques outdoors. Indoors, members will explore various accessories, such as crystal balls and fisheye lenses, as well as learn about basic techniques for mounting photos and post-processing using free software.

Michael Campbell, a representative of the Allora Photography Club, extends a warm invitation to photography enthusiasts of all skill levels to join the upcoming meeting and immerse themselves in all things photography.