A family celebration long weekend

Happy family, Carrissa McEvoy and Brendan Harvey and their boys who played a big part in the wedding.

Carrissa McEvoy and Brendan Harvey chose their 10th anniversary (or close to it) for their beautiful wedding ceremony at Hidden Creek Winery Ballandean and reception at Eukey Hall in March.

“Our 10-year anniversary was the following day 9 March, that’s why we chose that day so we can forever celebrate both important moments on one weekend,” Carrissa said.

Carrissa daughter of Michael and Lisa McEvoy while Brendan’s parents are Alexia and Warren Harvey.

Photographer for the day was Brittany Jayne photography, Warwick.

“We are both the youngest of our families and the last to be married on both sides,” the bride explained.

“I have two brothers and a sister, Brendan had one brother and a sister.

“We included our three boys in the bridal party along with our youngest niece and nephews – all the cousins on my side of the family. They were ring security.”

Carrissa was attended by her big sister matron of honour- Kimmi O’Hagan, maid of honour Bec Reed, Netisha Allan (best friends since high school), junior bridesmaid Madison McEvoy Lopez (Carrissa’s eldest niece).

While Brendan’s best man was big brother Justin Harvey and his groomsmen were school friends Liam Reidy and Groomsmen- Nathan Reardon and groomsmaid was his eldest niece and god daughter Taryn McCosker.

“Our day was magical, we were introduced by family and we never looked back,” Carrissa said.

“It was the social and outgoing city girl dating the quiet county boy – no one was really sure what was going to happen, but we took the chance.

“I moved without hesitation and embraced my new life with Brendan in the country and farm.

“Ten years and three boys later our day had finally arrived.

“From proposing in the Paddock at Sugarloaf, to getting ready in family homes, and having the wedding at a place that holds a special place to Brendans family made everything about our day full of love and all about us and our family.

“Everyone in our lives had been waiting for this day for a long time and made the trip from all around to attend. So naturally it wasn’t just a day event. Everyone arrived the Thursday for dinner, for the wedding on Friday, to celebrate again with us Saturday back at the hall before the final goodbyes on Sunday.

“A weekend event was exactly what i had dreamed off!

“It was sentimental holding the reception at the Eukey Hall considering it was something my sister and I joked about when I first started to date Brendan. That the hall would be the perfect place to have a wedding. And we weren’t wrong.

“We were lucky enough to be blessed with all seasons in one with weather from sunshine, wind and rain but nothing could put a damper on our day.”

“We were lucky to have a beautiful back drop for photos in our own backyard, so we didn’t have to go far.

“We have always done things backwards so having our boys at our wedding was the most special thing we will always remember.

“They were more excited than us for the day and loved every minute of being a part of the ring security and even writing and reading a speech at the ceremony.

“When we decided we wanted to have a wedding, we wanted a full event of celebrating not just us, but everyone who had helped us get to where we were today. “It was pretty amazing to be able to incorporate and honour both our styles, have everything close to home and just a big party.

“Its hard to sum up how full of love our day was, the smiles couldn’t be bigger and at the end of the night we both sat and just took in our amazing it was that everyone we love was all in one place just for us and how we will probably never get that again.

“And that in itself is pretty spectacular.”