ARK animal of the week


Southern Downs ARK has a number of dogs and cats up for adoption.

This week we’re highlighting NED.

Age: 1 year 10 months

Adoption fee: $450


Please meet Ned, a sweet-tempered, clever, well-mannered and affectionate tricolour Border Collie mix, born 30 September 2020.

To say Ned is handsome is an understatement.

He has the most beautiful crystal blue eyes and loves human company.

Ned has a gentle and affectionate temperament and is great with kids.

He is also very dog-friendly and currently lives happily in a private foster home with male and female dogs.

He hasn’t made up his mind about cats.

Ned knows his basic commands and walks well on a lead.

House-trained, he’s accustomed to being an inside/outside dog.

He loves car rides, going for swims, playing in the backyard with his canine mates and receiving affection from humans.

He gives the best doggie cuddles.

Preference will be given to a home where someone is around most of the time and there’s at least one other compatible dog for him to play with.

Ned is definitely not suited to life in the backyard and will thrive if treated as an integral part of an active and loving family.

Prior experience with working dog breeds will be highly regarded.

As always, secure fencing is essential.

His adoption fee is $450 and he is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

If you are interested in meeting Ned, please complete the online application form at and ensure that you include photos of your yard and fencing.

Ned lives in Warwick, Queensland and is available for interstate adoption.

For more information and enquiries, follow the link: