Granting assistance to rural communities

Tracey Mekitarian (Co-Chair, Friends of BUSHkids Warwick), Leeanne James (Manager Warwick Branch, Commonwealth Bank Australia), Annelie Pienaar (BUSHkids, Occupational Therapist), Tanya Strom (BUSHkids, Allied Health Assistant). Picture: LUCY WALDRON

By Lucy Waldron

BUSHkids is a non-profit organisation in Australia that provides health and developmental services to children and families in rural, regional, and remote areas. Through initiatives such as telepractice, BUSHkids aims to bridge healthcare gaps by offering allied health support and developmental assessments to children facing challenges in underserved communities.

BUSHkids has secured a $10,000 grant from the Commonwealth Bank to enhance its telepractice services in Warwick.

This grant will play a pivotal role in establishing a state-of-the-art telepractice room at BUSHkids Warwick, empowering the organisation to expand its reach and provide essential allied health support and children and parent services.

The modern telepractice room will not only benefit families in Warwick but will also cater to residents in other regional, rural, and remote areas of Queensland.

The $10,000 grant, symbolised by a ceremonial cheque awarded to BUSHkids Warwick, will not only fund the construction of the telepractice room but also facilitate the acquisition of valuable assessment materials and resources.

These resources will equip therapists with comprehensive insights into a child’s development, providing evidence-based support for their practice.

Telepractice, a dynamic and engaging method, allows children to receive support from therapists remotely, overcoming developmental delays and building the skills necessary for a fulfilling life. The establishment of the telepractice room aligns with BUSHkids’ commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of healthcare accessibility.

Expressing gratitude, BUSHkids acknowledges the longstanding support received from the Commonwealth Bank and its dedicated team. Over the years, this support has taken various forms, including staff-nominated donations, grants for projects such as solar panels for Queensland centers, and contributions to fundraising initiatives like golf days.

The collaboration between BUSHkids and the Commonwealth Bank stands as a testament to the positive impact that corporate partnerships can have on enhancing healthcare services in regional communities.