Show was hot stuff

Nothing like a family day out at the show for Lachlan, Sue, Dave Lola, Brie and Alfie Fleming. Pictures: SAMANTHA WANTLING

If there’s one thing everyone agrees on, it’s that the Stanthorpe Show was hot stuff this year.

It wasn’t just the temperatures that soared – the mood of the crowd was sunny and the action was non-stop from start to finish.

Top notch exhibits rubbed shoulders in the pavilions while the ring was excitement central for everything from horse events to some very hot entertainment and the fireworks.

Kids were well catered for with sideshow fun, magic, roving entertainers and some dinosaur witchery thrown into the mix.

The show fare ranged from sandwiches at the Ringmaster’s Cafe to the ubiquitous Shannon’s chips to the show’s famous pasta dish. Some people swear by the pasta and say you haven’t really experienced the local show until you’ve eaten this traditional offering.

Special moments included the opening of the mezzanine floor at the exhibition centre and a demonstration by the 11th Light Horse Darling Downs Troop with both horses and riders garbed in World War 1-style gear.