Vital community education

co-chairs of the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention council Vanessa Fowler and Bob Atkinson. Picture: FILE

The DFV Prevention Council is bringing four days of community, school and business-focused education to the region aimed at combating Domestic and Family Violence (DFV)

The sessions are designed to be beneficial for everyone in the community and not just practitioners.

Each day will she light on new laws aimed at criminalising coercive control, addressing the implications and impacts for both victims/survivors and perpetrators.

Here’s what to expect out of the four days:

Monday, 12 February: Year 11 & 12 students in Warwick will engage in an afternoon session hosted at Warwick State High School. An additional session at 3.30pm caters specifically to teachers and education staff. The DFV Council is working directly with schools to ensure these events are impactful.

Tuesday, 13 February: An essential breakfast event kicks off at 7am at Club Warwick RSL. Geared toward leaders, managers, HR professionals, and business owners, this session will explore the business and organisational perspectives regarding DFV and the new laws. The event, co-hosted with Zonta Warwick and Warwick Chamber of Commerce, requires a $30 charge for a fully catered breakfast. Tickets can be purchased online or at the RSL.

Later on the same day, at 11am, a free session will be held at Club Warwick RSL, with no registration required.

Wednesday, 14 February: Year 11 & 12 students in Stanthorpe will participate in an afternoon session at Stanthorpe State High School, with a 3.30pm session specifically for teachers and education staff. Like in Warwick, the DFV Council is working closely with schools to coordinate these events.

Thursday, 15 February: A free session begins at 9.30am at Club Stanthorpe Civic Centre Supper Room, requiring no registration.

Speakers at these events include prominent figures like Vanessa Fowler, Chair of the Allison Baden-Clay Foundation, who lost her sister to domestic violence in 2012. Bob Atkinson, former Queensland Police Commissioner and co-chair of the DFV Prevention Council, will also be sharing insights. Additionally, Corin, a teenager who witnessed and intervened in a domestic violence situation involving his family, will join DFV professionals on the Q&A panel.

These events signify a concerted effort to raise awareness, educate, and empower our community to address the scourge of domestic and family violence. They serve as crucial steps toward building a safer and more supportive environment for all.