Who are your council candidates for 2024?

Candidate nominations have officially closed for next month’s 2024 local government elections and the Southern Downs has a race on its hands.

For a few weeks, voters have known mayoral candidates to be Vic Pennisi, vying for a second term, and Melissa Hamilton, campaigning to bring a breath of fresh air to the council. But in the hours prior to nominations closing on 13 February, a new name appeared, Lindsay Goodwin.

Mr Goodwin is poised to try his luck a second time having previously ran for mayor in 2012 where he finished sixth with 8.58 per cent of the vote.

As for councillor candidates, names slowly trickled in over the weeks and ended with 17 people putting their hands up.

Voters will say goodbye to two sitting councillors in Jo McNally and Marco Gliori, while others, Andrew Gale, Stephen Tancred, Cameron Gow, Ross Bartley, Cynthia McDonald and Sheryl Windle will hope to keep their seat.

Fresh faces include some who have run previously and others new to the game. Morwenna Harslett, Nick Suduk, Joel Richters, Kelvin Johnston, David Thompson, Carla Maree Pidgeon, Marika McNichol, Sarah Deane, Russell Wantling, Noel Darrel Grosskopf and Brett Tunbridge.

WarwickToday and StanthorpeToday will continue to provide information on the intentions and campaign of each candidate during the lead-up to the election on 16 March.

Mayor candidates:

Vic Pennisi

Melissa Hamilton

Lindsay Goodwin

Council candidates:

Andrew Gale

Stephen Tancred

Morwenna Bernadette Harslett

Cameron Gow

Nick Suduk

Ross Bartley

Joel Richters

Cynthia Mcdonald

Sheryl Windle

Kelvin Johnston

David Thompson

Carla Maree Pidgeon

Marika McNichol

Sarah Deane

Russell Wantling

Noel Darrel Grosskopf

Brett Tunbridge