Fostering community connection through live music

Personal Details

What is your name? Kelvin Brian Johnston

Age? 61

Suburb of Residence? Lyra


How long have you lived in the Southern Downs?

I own Carriage Stop Cottages at Lyra purchased in 2007 and in 2011 moved permanently to the property.

When was the last time you lived away from the region and why?

I have lived at Brisbane and stayed at Buderim. I have travelled to the Sunshine Coast many times to help create a rural model of special entertainment precinct in a designated area of Nambour with then Councillor Greg Rogerson, with success.

Campaign General

What has prompted you to run for council?

I believe that I have a positive vision for the Southern Downs, as a community without leadership and a vision is not a community. I wish to set up community reference groups, and tap into existing groups of locals in every corner of the Southern Downs to listen to all locals in their towns to better meet the needs of the whole Southern Downs community.

What is your assessment of the current council?

Tired, conflicted, divisive, lacking focus, direction, whole community vision and leadership.

At this stage what is the main thing you offer?

Residents as a whole: I offer a community minded approach, constancy, solution focus and I am hard working for the greater good.

Ratepayers: Solutions for water security.

Are there specific differences in approach for:

Particular suburbs / towns in the region? Yes reference groups or existing groups, ideas and wishes need to be established, focused, coordinated and put into action.

Rural landholders ? Finalisation of local town planning with state government, not achieved in this term of council.

What are some of the big issues currently facing the region and how do you propose to address them?

Water security- Pipeline from Warwick to Storm King Dam, as Emu Swamp has arsenic in the soil (see trove) and proper approval with real custodians appears ignored. Funds need to be shared equitably within smaller communities. This pipeline and ongoing maintenance/ pumping costs must be funded by Federal or State Government so as to avoid further rate increases to ratepayers.

If elected, how do you promise to generate real change which improves the livelihoods of residents living in the Southern Downs?

I will seek to introduce the concepts of cultural community well-being precincts for safe family friendly, alcohol free designated spaces with free live music, as I have already done in Stanthorpe once every month for five years without SDRC funding! This encourages all communities to come together and celebrate together for well-being and increase a desire from tourists to come back for repeat visits. SDRC through Government grants must fund this throughout the Southern Downs.