Homeschool Hub receives community boost

Homeschooling is becoming more popular with the help of the Warwick Homeschool Hub. Picture: UNSPLASH

As the population of homeschoolers in the Southern Downs continues to grow, a beacon of support has emerged in the form of the Warwick Homeschool Hub.

Founded in response to the surge in homeschooling numbers, the hub has become a vital community resource, offering a nurturing environment for homeschoolers to come together, learn, and socialise.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of homeschoolers in the region has more than doubled. Many families, however, have faced challenges, feeling isolated due to a lack of funding, transport, and facilities.

In light of these difficulties, Rebekah Kampe, the visionary behind Warwick Homeschool Hub, launched the initiative with an ethos centred on the idea that “it takes a tribe to raise a human.”

The hub has quickly become a vibrant hub of activity, providing homeschoolers with a fun and safe space to gather, play, and learn. Community spirit thrives as parents and caregivers collaborate to organise events and activities catering to a wide range of interests and talents, from outdoor adventures like hiking and strawberry picking to educational workshops on wildlife care, Lego building competitions, and music rehearsals.

To sustain its operations and activities, the hub relies on contributions from parents and caregivers. Seeking additional support, the hub applied for community grants, leading to a significant boost in June when it was awarded a $2500 grant from ACCIONA Energía.

ACCIONA Energía, a global leader in renewable energy and infrastructure solutions, operates with a unique philosophy of “business as unusual.” The company is currently undertaking ambitious projects, including the construction of the MacIntyre Wind Farm Project near Warwick, one of the largest wind farms in the Southern Hemisphere.

The grant from ACCIONA Energía has provided invaluable support to the Warwick Homeschool Hub, enabling the purchase of equipment, participation in community events like the Jumpers and Jazz markets, educational excursions to the wind farms, and recreational outings to destinations like Coolumundra Dam.

The funding has been warmly received by the hub’s approximately 100 members, enhancing their experiences and opportunities for learning and growth.

For homeschoolers seeking more information about the Warwick Homeschool Hub, Rebekah Kampe can be contacted at 0458 089902. To learn more about ACCIONA Energía and its commitment to sustainable business practices, visit