Potters mark 50 years

Malcolm Creed was engrossed in conversation over the intricate pottery designs in this piece with the artist Sue Keong.

By Lucy Waldron

The Warwick Potters Association marked a significant milestone with the opening of its 50-year anniversary showcase at the Warwick Art Gallery on Friday, 10 May.

For half a century, the Warwick Pottery Association has been a beacon for clay enthusiasts, fostering a community of artisans dedicated to the craft of pottery and ceramics.

From novices to seasoned potters, the association has provided a welcoming space for individuals to learn, create, and connect.

Sue Creed, President of the Potters Association, reflected on the club’s rich history, emphasising its role not only as a creative hub but also as an advocate for the arts.

Today the club has become a place where friendships are forged and connections are made,” Ms Creed said.

The club’s 50th anniversary is a testament to the dedication and tenacity of its members.

Karina Devine, Director of the Warwick Art Gallery, praised the association’s dedication to inclusivity, noting its efforts to make pottery and ceramics accessible to individuals from all backgrounds.

This inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging encourages participation in systemic life and contributes to the sustainability of the organisation,” Ms Devine said.

“Through their tireless efforts, the Warwick Potters Association ensure that pottery and ceramics continue to serve as a means for self-expression, harnessing the transformative power of creativity, enriching the lives of individuals and the community alike.”

The anniversary showcase features a diverse range of works, including pieces from past and present members, as well as creations from esteemed tutors who have shared their expertise over the years.

Highlighting the event was the presence of Dianne Peach, a renowned potter and early tutor for the association, who officially opened the exhibition.

Head down to the Warwick Art Gallery to marvel at the various types of pottery and ceramics showcasing the years before.