Through the hoops

A Stanthorpe player shows and example of pegging out.

By Pauline Smith and Carol Ryan

Stanthorpe Croquet

Ricochet – 7 May

Jenny Tunbridge and Joy Newman played against Pauline Smith. Newman and Tunbridge proved to be uncatchable on the day, with Tunbridge scoring two lots of two hoops in a row. Smith scored two hoops in a row only once and struggled to get through hoop 3, while Newman and Tunbridge surged ahead. Smith eventually got going but was unable to make a dent in Newman’s and Tunbridge’s play. Final score 26 to 15.

Golf Croquet – 8 May

Game one – Jennifer Gleadhill and Kathy Hopgood played against Shirley Page and Shaneen McLellan. Gleadhill scored five hoops. Final score to Gleadhill and Hopgood of 8 to 6.

Eric McLellan and Liz Ellway played against Bev Sullivan. Sullivan played two balls and had a great game, winning 11 to 6. E McLellan scored a hole in one.

Game one – E McLellan and Carol van Klareren played against Sullivan and S McLellan. Well done to van Klareren who scored her first hole in one. A high scoring game with E McLellan scoring 11 hoops. E McLellan and van Klareren won 18 to 11.

Hopgood and Pauline Inglis played against Ellway and Gleadhill. A close game with a final score of 13 to 11 to Ellway and Gleadhill.

Gateball – 10 May

Game one – Newman played against Les Williams and Tunbridge. Close game with final score to Williams and Tunbridge of 13 to 11.

Game two– Tunbridge played against Newman and Williams. Another close game with Williams and Newman winning 13 to 11.

Game three– Williams played against Tunbridge and Newman. Again, another close game with a final score of 10 all. Tunbridge and Newman won on countback of balls through gates.

Warwick Croquet

Tuesday 7 May Association Play.

Julie Grayson 21 defeated Tony Hinde & Dorothy Gartery 18, Peter Campbell and Margaret Lawton 14 beat Lesley Grayson 11.

Thursday 9 May golf play

Lil Henricks and Deb Martin 7 beat Robyn Luck, Lorrie Henderson 5; Beth Schottelius and Maree Windle 7 beat Brian Murray and Meredith Thornton 6; Carole Dorrough and Rhyl Dearden 7 beat Joyce Mahony and Sue Stanley-Harris 5; Carol Ryan 7 defeated Helen Dooley 3; Rhyl Dearden and Deb Martin 7 beat

Helen Dooley and Lorrie Henderson 5; Robyn Luck and Brian Murray 7 defeated Joyce

Mahony and Merediith Thornton 5; Beth Schottelius and Carol Ryan 7 beat Carole Dorrough and Dani Logan 5; Lil Henricks 7 beat Sue Stanley-Harris 5; Robyn Luck and Barb Morrison 7 defeated Helen Dooley and Carole Dorrough 5; Joyce Mahony and Beth Schottelius 7

beat Sue Stanley-Harris and Meredith Thornton 5; Rhyl Dearden and Brian Murray 7 defeated Carol Ryan and Deb Martin 5; Lil Henricks had a hole in one.