Planes fuelling up

WARWICK aerodrome will be set for more activity with the installation of an aviation fuel facility.
Southern Downs Regional Council on Wednesday approved a $22,000 allocation to cover the first 12 months of operation of the refuelling facility.
If the trial is a financial success, the council will investigate a similar facility for Stanthorpe Aerodrome.
Councillors were told the lack of a fuel facility “has been a significant obstacle to future development and servicing of the existing users.”
The aerodrome is currently used by private aircraft, some fly in, fly out mining workers, a flying school, gliding club and Australian Air Force cadets. The Army School of Aviation and the Royal Flying Doctors Service use it for training.
Water bombing aircraft also battle bushfires in the region from the aerodrome and new water tanks have been installed to assist in fire-fighting operations. The ability to also refuel would assist their efforts, councillors were told.
Those racing dragster-style cars are also expected to use the facility.
The Warwick Flying Club has asked council to construct the facility and run it in a partnership agreement.
Councillors were also warned of the risks, including daily testing of the fuel, fire and theft.
Council will train two staff to manage the refuelling facility, with cost built in to the retail sale price of the aviation fuel.
Accessible only through credit card payments, there will be no outstanding debts to chase.