Future endeavours for jumpers and jazz

The Jumpers and Jazz Committee rejoice after a successful 2023 festival. Picture: SAMANTHA WANTLING

By Samantha Wantling

The Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival community gathered again for the Annual General Meeting (AGM), rejoicing in the success of the 2023 festival and looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with the 20th anniversary of Jumpers and Jazz in July to be held in 2024. The returning committee, led by president Pam Burley, reported on the achievements and lessons learned during the past year.

Pam started the meeting by reflecting on the triumphs of the 2023 Jumpers and Jazz Festival.

“We did it again. Another highly successful Jumpers and Jazz in July festival for 2023.“

Pam elaborated on the committee’s dedication to delivering a festival that remains true to its purpose and vision. She thanked the committee, subcommittees, and stakeholders for their hard work and resilience throughout the year.

Pam expressed heartfelt gratitude to committee members Carol, Naomi, Bette, and Gail, acknowledging their extraordinary efforts in the face of challenges such as losing valuable team members due to various reasons. She also recognised the Yarntopians, the JJJ Creative Team, and event hosts for their invaluable contributions to the festival’s success.

Looking towards 2024, Mrs Burley outlined exciting initiatives for the festival’s 20th anniversary in 2024. “The committee is committed to introducing new ideas, events, and opportunities to enhance the festival experience” Pam said, highlighting the importance of collaboration with new event hosts, local businesses, and ongoing support from sponsors, councils, and fellow event organisers in the Southern Downs region.

With the incoming committee of Pam Burley returning as president and events program coordinator, Carol Sternberg returning as secretary, Bette Bonney returning as Marketing and media coordinator, Jim Quirk as the compliance coordinator, Naomi Thomas as the Logistics Coordinator, Nancy DePrada as Treasurer and Charlotte Kelly as the local business engagement officer the festival is set to stage another year of creativity, collaboration, and community spirit.