A day at churches’ cinema

It was a great way for the kids to spend their school holidays.

With the drizzly weather, families flocked to The Churches of Christ campus for an evening of free entertainment.

With a screening of the film Wonka on the agenda, 96 individuals of all ages gathered to partake in the fun.

Noo Shepherd, the campus manager of Churches of Christ, said it was so wonderful to be able to host an event that brought generations together.

“Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces from the children participating in dancing and games to the parents and the older generation joining in and watching is such a magical experience,” Noo said.

“We are incredibly proud of the facilities on our campus and it’s great that we can give back and share them with the community that supports us”.

The evening’s festivities included lively games and dancing during intermission, catering to both the young and old attendees alike. Following the movie screening, families were treated to a delicious sausage sizzle, fostering further interaction and camaraderie among participants.