Handcraft section at Stanthorpe Show.

Winner of the 2023 Youth Handcraft Exhibit. Picture: SAMANTHA WANTLING

The Handcraft committee schedule for entries for the 2024 show has plenty for everyone.

Classes are available for drafters of all ages and abilities and as always include plenty of craft to interest the younger members of the family and to expand their creative abilities.

We have always been delighted to see the entries from children from early childhood to teenage age groups and our challenge is to provide opportunities for them to grow their talent. Many of you will have received the schedule some time back to give plenty of practice time on chosen Classes.

We have included Quilling again this year and hopefully many of you have been trying this intriguing craft. Anyone still undecided, can ask Dr Google for some help, tips and tutorials. Decoupage is another wonderfully creative craft that produces amazing results across many practical and decorative items.

The men in the family are always catered for and once again we are setting them the task to create an item mainly from those items they store in their sheds!

On a similar vein, we have a new Class for you all, ‘Leftovers’. We are only to well aware that for those of you creating various handcrafts, you will no doubt have a deep box of odds and ends, those Leftovers from past projects. Now is the time to tip the box out and select items that can now become a new entry, without having to buy a thing. The results are sure to be amazing, interesting and no doubt with a touch of humour!

Our two Wall Classes are with us again. Both for adults and children. These are the only Classes that we ask the public to cast a vote for their favourite.

The Open Adult Wall Class is for a usable, practical fabric apron.

The change this year is that Handcraft committee is asking entrants to consider allowing their apron to be auctioned at the Show on Saturday 3 February at 2pm. The request for aprons is to support the Handcraft committee, with proceeds going towards our prize money for 2025. Making their apron available for auction is totally optional to entrants. All aprons entered for the entire Class will still be part of the Public Vote process.

We will be staging the Auction at the Handcraft area in the western side of the Exhibition Centre and in charge of calling for bids will be local auctioneer, Anne Lindsay.

Trust us, the auction will be a lot of fun, so be sure to be there.