Courts on the upgrade

Five courts have been repaired for the Warwick and District Tennis Association. Picture: LUCY WALDRON

By Lucy Waldron

Tennis enthusiasts in Warwick are in for a treat, as the long-awaited repair of flood-damaged courts is nearing completion.

Following the devastation caused by the 2022 floods, which left the courts in a hazardous state with mildew and significant damage, the Warwick and District Tennis Association has been tirelessly working towards restoring the facilities to their former glory.

Geoff Torenbeek, a coach of the Warwick and District Tennis Association, expressed his satisfaction as the final touches are being applied to the rejuvenated courts.

“Having these courts back means we can service more people and groups,“ Mr. Torenbeek said.

The Association successfully obtained two grants, which facilitated the restoration process. Notably, two courts were funded by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund, while the Queensland Government’s Community and Recreational Assets Recovery and Resilience Program generously supported the restoration of the remaining three courts.

As the completion of the refurbishment project looms closer, anticipation and excitement reverberate throughout the association. Mr. Torenbeek and his team eagerly anticipate the opportunity to test the new surface and resume regular tennis activities.

In line with the reopening of the courts, the Warwick and District Tennis Association is gearing up to expand its programs and offerings.

But for now, scheduled classes for school-aged students are available on Thursdays from 3.30pm to 5.40pm.

And, the courts are available for hire, catering to groups of all ages and skill levels.