Ready to roll up the sleeves

Russell Wantling will try his luck again after first running for council in 2020. Picture: FILE

Personal Details

What is your:

Name? Russell Wantling

Age? 56

Suburb of residence? Eukey


How long have you lived in the Southern Downs?

Nearly my entire life

When was the last time you lived away from the region and why?

After finishing high school, I moved to Brisbane for work for 12 months.

What has prompted you to run for council?

My passion for our region and its residents compelled me to step up again. As an advocate for this community, I am invested in ensuring that every individual, including my eighth-generation grandchildren and all the youth here, experiences the fullest potential of our home. They deserve to know that our region provides opportunities for them to thrive.

What is your assessment of the current council?

There are some good strong people sitting around the table, but sometimes egos get in the way of good governance, and it appears that is what has appeared to happen this term. There have been some big achievements made by this council, but there is still a long way to go.

At this stage what is the main thing you offer: Residents as a whole/ratepayers?

We are all united by our choice to call this region home. I bring a fresh perspective and unwavering motivation to serve our council with dedication and integrity. My aim is to make positive change that benefits all residents, ensuring that our region thrives for generations to come.

Are there specific differences in approach for:

Particular suburbs/towns in the region?

Rural landholders?

While the issues may vary depending on where you live, I believe in maintaining a consistent approach across the board. Regardless of where you reside, our approach should remain the same: to listen attentively to our residents and advocate tirelessly on their behalf.

What are some of the big issues currently facing the region and how do you propose to address them?

Without a doubt, our aging is a huge issue. Addressing this challenge requires a concerted effort, recognising that it’s not a task that can be completed overnight due to its significant cost and complexity.

Additionally, water security remains a huge concern, and while there is substantial involvement from state government, I firmly believe in taking proactive measures and applying further pressure.

Attracting new industries is pivotal, and I’m committed to simplifying the process for potential investors. We have abundant land in our region, which is affordable for development, yet bureaucratic red tape often hinders progress.

If elected, how do you promise to generate real change which improves the livelihoods of residents living in the Southern Downs?

I’m not one to make empty promises just to secure votes. However, what I can offer is my dedication to serving this region to the best of my abilities. If you’re seeking a candidate who speaks at length without substance, I’m not your choice. But if you’re looking for someone who rolls up their sleeves and takes action, then I’m the candidate you can count on to make a real difference for our community.