Relish in the family victory

Bev Hall proudly showing off her son's winning relish and her own. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

By Lucy Waldron

The atmosphere was charged with friendly rivalry at the Killarney Show this past weekend as participants from far and wide showcased their skills in various competitions.

Among the highlights was a unique showdown in the jams and jellies section, where a mother and son found themselves competing against each other for the first time.

Bev Hall, a seasoned contestant at the show, decided to shake things up this year by entering two relishes that she and her son, John Hall, had crafted together.

What started as a lighthearted kitchen experiment between mother and son soon turned into a spirited competition as they both decided to submit their relishes for judging.

“We may not win anything, but it would be a fun way to see who makes it better,“ Bev said.

The recipe they followed has been passed down through generations within their family. Bev said that her mother was given the recipe and perfected it over time.

Bev’s passion for cooking, nurtured by her mother’s example in the Country Women’s Association, had found a new disciple in her son John, who eagerly embraced the family tradition.

“John is the only member of my family that has the recipe and the one interested in cooking,” she said

The tension mounted on Saturday as the results of the competition were announced. To the surprise of many, including Bev and John themselves, John’s relish secured third place, while Bev’s entry missed out on a prize.

A good-natured exchange followed as Bev called to congratulate her son on his unexpected victory.

John couldn’t resist a playful jab, quipping, “I told you I was the better cook.“

Bev, ever gracious in defeat, responded with, “You had a good teacher.“

Reflecting on the outcome, Bev attributed the difference in placement to the finer details of preparation, suggesting that perhaps it all came down to the chopping of the ingredients.

Despite the competitive edge, the mother-son duo cherished the experience as a lighthearted celebration of their shared love for cooking and family traditions.