Around the greens

Warwick East Bowls Club Carnival runners-up Sue Butz, David Butz, Adam Tozer and Aaron McKinney with Patoness Gloria Brady


The Summit Men’s Championship singles will be held 23-24 March 23 with nominations closing, Saturday 16 March.

Sixteen nominations have been received already ensuring a quality field ensuring the club will send a worthy representative to the district playoffs.

The focus of bowls this weekend will also be the mixed pairs at Tenterfield with the club looking for a good result.

The Summit managed to turn on a surprising afternoon at the weekend, the cards had been called and the bowlers were preparing to bowl, and the rain came. It was not enough to completely end the game but wet enough to make things miserable. Results were as follows – Kerry Hutchings, Bill Hutchins, Rod Newlands and Rob Capelli defeated Sheryl Midgley, Dean Midgley, Pam Moore and Frank Taylor 18-3. Maree Ball, Rod Crome, George Little and Adrian Jackson beat Eddie Zanatta, Joe Stratman, Larry Mullin and Brian Wilmot 20-12. Frank Taylor and Rod Newlands were the winners of $30 dollar vouchers donated by Outlaw Food Shack our caterers.

Pam Moore is the new Games Director. All bowlers are asked to show their support as Pam in new to this position. Bowlers can do this nominating early in events as there are numerous championships still to be played his year.

Two important memos have been received. The first one reinforces a memo issued on August 2011 which states that umpires and, for that matter players, are not allowed to chock the jack when measuring. The problem has been caused by misinformation on this rule. The second memo states only qualified coaches are allowed to coach. People who wish to qualify may do so by obtaining the appropriate form online.

Calendar for the coming weeks

Saturday 16 March: District Mixed Pairs – Tenterfield – Social at The Summit; Sunday 17 March: District Mixed Pairs, Tenterfield; Tuesday 19 March: turkey triples; Saturday 23 March: The Summit Men’s Singles Championships, social bowls; Sunday 24 March: The Summit Men’s Singles Championship; Saturday 30 March: Easter Eggs for trophies.


Johnno Johnson, Graeme Wallace and Geoff Davis have taken out the Warwick East Bowls Club monthly triples held on Thursday.

The runners-up were Matt Shepherd, Peter Ridgwell and Mick O’Leary.

On Sunday they held a very successful open fours carnival with a full green of sixteen teams.

The green was in excellent condition, although the gusty wind was somewhat of a challenge, but the rain, which looked threatening, confined itself to a couple of very brief sprinkles.

Results: winners – Ralph Tate, Ed Diery, Graeme Wallace and John Harslett; runners-up – Aaron McKinney, Adam Tozer, David Butz and Sue Butz; third place-getters – Zel Zamprogno, Rob Capelli, Frank Taylor and Dale Callaghan. The round winners were: round one – Matt Shepherd, Peter Ridgwell, Mick O’Leary and Gordon Assay; round two – Brian Black, Phil Wagner, Jim Rickart and Aussie McPaul; round three – Jackie Richie, Aaron Richie (two games), Trudy Elder, Dan Hughes and Steve Ford (one game).Major sponsors were Churches of Christ, Oak Tree Retirement Village and Spano’s IGA.

There will be bowls on again as usual on Friday night (15 March), starting at 6 pm, and mixed social bowls on Saturday (16 March) starting at 1 pm.


Barry Frame/David Scotney, Clark Davidson and Barry Seibell have taken out the Warwick Bowls Club monthly triples played 5 March with a total score of 31.

Runners-up were Cita Weir, Peter Ridgewell and Wayne Foster scoring 29. The Last Round Winners were Nat Kumseewad, Ray Southee and Max Holder scoring 17.

Round one results with one for an end plus five for a win: Margaret Wright, Steve Ford and Joe Torissi defeated Phil, Marion Skaines and Geoff Creighton 12-7; Kay Bloomfield, Lynn Collie and Doug Christensen beat Pamela Kerr, Chris Lawler and Brian Black 11-8; Stanthorpe beat Peter Guy, Gary Cooper and Max Balfour 16-3; Barry Frame/David Scotney, Clark Davidson and Barry Seibell beat Nat Kumseewad, Ray Southee and Max Holder 17-2; Cita Weir, P Ridgewell, Wayne Foster defeated Al B, Pat W, Jools 14-5; Gordon Assay, Steve Tyter and Matt Shepherd beat G Death, D Kehl and R Kehl 14-5; Sue Butz, Lorna Tucker and Margaret Grayson def John Ruhle, Ossie McPaul and Richard Tartan 14-5.

Round two results: – skip’s name only: Doug Christensen beat Geoff Creighton 12-7; Brian Black defeated Stanthorpe 13-6; Max Holder beat Max Balfour 15-5; Barry Ziebell defeated Margaret Grayson 14-5; Matt Shepherd beat Jools 13-6; Wayne Foster defeated R Kehl 15-4; Margaret Wright beat Richard Tartan 14-5. Raffle Winners were Sue Butz, Shane Bailey, Peter Ridgewell, Max Balfour redrew his prize and was won by Brian Brown, Gary Cooper.

Warwick High School students began playing weekly School Bowls on Wednesday, 6 March. Following is their Progressive Scores after the first five weeks:

Amber – 9; Ava – 6; Brianna- 9; Carge – 4; Indy – 6; Jorja – 12; Jye – 10 1/2; Kegan – 12; Lacey – 12 1/2; Lani – 10; Malietye – 6; Matilda – 10; Calum – 2; Landon – 3.

Coming Events for March:

Friday 15: Combined Evening Bowls at our Warwick Club. Names in by 5.30pm for play at 6pm. Phone 46611516, $12 each including sausage sizzle. Everyone welcome, including new players. Nominations for Club Selected Pairs will close and be drawn15 March; Sunday 17: combined social bowls at Southern Cross, phone 4661 1876 by 8.30am for Play at 9am; Wednesday 20: KFC sponsored Bowls; Saturday 2: club selected pairs; Sunday 24: combined social bowls at Warwick Club – play 9am; Wednesday 27: Jackpot pairs.

Looking ahead: Crowar Shield Triples – Sunday 7 May; Saturday, May 13, Ladies A Grade Competition.

Nominations for Friday evening bowls at the Club and at Southern Cross to be in from 5pm to 5.30 for play at 6pm; Nominations for Wednesday, Saturday competition bowls and combined Sunday bowls to be in from 8am to 8.30am for play at 9 am;

Saturday social bowls in from noon to 12.30 for play at 1pm.


The countdown is on for the Stanthorpe Bowls Club A grade Men and Ladies Singles Club Championship to be held on Saturday and Sunday 23-24 March.

The nomination forms and conditions of play are up on the Club notice board and entries close on Saturday March 16.

A little hit and miss on the social bowls scene of late with a fair contingent of members away for various reasons. Results of games to date are as follows. Sylean Fairley and David Draper had a narrow 19 shots to 18 win over Caroline Draper and John Fairley. Polly Lay and Brian Brown had a two shot victory over Colin Denning and Jack Bell, 19 shots to 17. Margaret Harvey and Lorraine Evans had a comfortable 21 to 10 shot win over Noela Trollip and Basil Trollip. Sylean Fairley and Brian Brown went down to the combination of David Draper and Len Girgenti 16 shots to 18. In a game of triples, Steve Z, Caroline Draper and John Fairley were to strong for the team of Barry Murphy, Colin Denning and Greg Z. defeating them by 25 shots to 16. No social Bowls on Saturday, 9 March due to the inclement weather.

Results of the “Twilight Bowls” games on Thursday 28 February are as follows. Len Leigh’s team defeated Santo Cavallaro’s team 14 shots to 10. Roly Scopelliti’s team were too strong for Jack Bell’s team defeating them by 26 shots to 8. David Draper’s team had a narrow 18 to 16 shot win over Jeff Alldridge’s team. Results of games on Thursday March 7 are as follows. Polly Lay’s team had a comfortable 20 shots to 8 win over Jack Bell’s team. Roly Scopelliti’s team defeated David Draper’s team 15 shots to 8. Greg Z’s team went down to Jeff Alldridge’s team by 12 shots to 19 and in the final game the golfers teams led by Len Leigh and Santo Cavallaro played out a 13 all draw.

‘Twilight Bowls’ is happening tonight 14 March from 6.30pm. To register ,call the club on 46811276 between 5.30pm and 6pm or be at the Club no later than 6pm. Novice bowlers and regular bowlers are most welcome so come along and join in the fun. For further information call Len on 0477500402